Pork Prices Per lb

Bacon $9.99
Sausage $8.99
Ground Pork $6.99 -Almost entirely gone
Ham Roasts $9.99 Ribs,
Baby Back $8.99
Ribs,Spares $8.99
Pork Chops $8.50
Tenderloin $9.99
Blade Roast $6.99
Soup Bones $3.99
Leaf Lard ask
Organ bag ask

Breakfast Box


12 sausages
1lb bacon
1 dozen farm fresh eggs



12 sausages
4 pork chops
1 packet ribs

Family Box


12 sausages
1lb bacon
4 pork chops
1 ham roast

Whole or half hog

per pound

Available for pre order, butchered as you choose, ready by Christmas!

Chicken Eggs

$6 per dozen


Coming soon!

Sock stuffies

Available stock can be seen at FunnyDuck Crafts

Farm Yard Friends

Funny Bunnies

Surprise cats
(with or without egg)




Craft Classes

Add to a birthday party or gather a group for a private class

Painted Rock

Adult or child classes available

DIY piggy banks

Decorate as you desire

DIY Rubber Duck

Decorate as you desire

Paper bag puppets

Make a farm friend

Magnet kits

Easy for the younger set

Hobby Horse

Limited only by your imagination!